The Vagabond Church

Hitchhiker Jericho


vagabond: (adj) having no settled place or home.

Do you ever get that sense? You know, the one where everything goes strange. Nothing feels real or settled or at home; you don’t feel at home, even in your own home? Or perhaps you’ve experienced its brother-feeling: standing on an outcropping above a beautiful landscape, or hearing a piece of music that brings you to tears and you don’t know why. Something beautiful strikes you, both as other and as home. A home you’ve never entered, but one that you are always on the way to? And you get this feeling, this longing to beĀ anywhere but here?

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Spiritual Homelessness amid Material Wealth

jesus the homeless

“Probably no word better summarizes the suffering of our time than the word ‘homeless.’ It reveals one of our deepest and most painful conditions, the condition of not having a sense of belonging, of not having a place where we can feel safe, cared for, protected, and loved.” — Henri Nouwen

Where do you belong? Do you have a place where you call home, in the true, complete childlike sense? Most of us, I would venture, suffer from this kind of homelessness — we do not have a place to belong. Nietzsche said that all we wear are masks. And that there is nothing behind the mask except a shadow that moves at infinite speed to another mask. In such a condition, can we ever come home? And what is preventing us from doing that?

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