A Brief Introduction


I am not what you expect to find amongst the halls and offices of the EU Parliament. The reasons are two-fold. First, I am not European. I am originally from the United States, but for the last few years I have called Belgium home. Second, I am representing a faith-based venture and community (the Chapel for Europe, as well as the Church of England). So what am I even doing at the Mickey Mouse Bar?

My name is Jeremy Heuslein, and I am the Outreach Worker of Holy Trinity Brussels to the EU Institutions based at the Chapel for Europe. A long title, and relatively confusing. So, what do I do? In short, I am a professional conversationalist. I am tasked with meeting with young professionals in the EU Institutions so as to provide spiritual and pastoral support. This normally happens over coffee and through conversations about life, faith, philosophy, theology, and politics (and the answer is rarely forty-two).

As a professional conversationalist, I have gotten to know quite a bit of cafés in the European Quarter in Brussels. I’ve also learned (personally and from my conversation partners) that the life of a young professional is hard. Different forces are constantly pulling us in different directions, as well as our own inner dialogue of, “Is this right? Am I doing this right? Should I have been a farmer? I like farming. Yeah. Time to move to Yorkshire. Or is that just running away from my problems instead of facing them?” Rinse and repeat.

This blog will be my attempt to still that inner dialogue, as well as create objective, textual artefacts I can return to and see the progress of my thinking. I hope to interact with others who are thinking similar or different things (yep, just about everyone). There will be posts that are more spiritual reflective, others that are theological, some will be philosophical, and some will explore politics (mainly at the EU level). Tagging and categorising should help sort the riff from the raff.

Being brief usually translates into five paragraphs or less, so I will end this here. But because I like structures (I am a ‘J’ in the Meyers-Briggs personality assessment test), I will let you know that I plan to update at least once a week (hopefully two) on Thursdays (potentially also Tuesdays). (I also really like parentheticals.) Until then.

— Jeremy


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